The shortest version of 20+ years of us

Hi, I am Sonja. I obtained my National Fine Arts Diploma at the Vaal University of Technology, South Africa. After my studies, I worked as a graphic designer. Later, I did my PGCE at Unisa and for the past 16 years+ I have been working as a teacher in special education.

My love and passion for art and creativity kept me painting through the years and I have exhibited at Aardklop and the Blou Donki Gallery in Clarens.

Camping with my husband, three children and my family energizes me. Also, I just love to do road trips and breaking the daily routine of life, see new places and meet new people!


Hi, I am Willemien. I studied and obtained my Bachelors in Business Communication Majoring in Marketing, Communication and Graphic Design at North West University, South Africa. I am a freelance graphic designer and started Page Blossom Designs in 2013 for graphic design and typesetting purposes. 

Sonja was added as director when we decided to start Two Tall Artists. I was fortunate to have lived and worked in a few interesting places. I am thankful for the wide range of exposure and experience I acquired through the non-related jobs I have done. 

My daily walk with my dog is always adventurous. When he just insists on stopping at every tree and bush, I get to notice the usually unnoticed little wonders of nature. Being outdoors, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing life revitalises and inspires me.


Our Connection...

We met in high school where we were in the same class and had visual art as a mutual subject. After
school our friendship continued to grow and Willemien was even my bridesmaid. 

Then, life happened. We had our own, separate paths to follow, still keeping in contact and visited whenever we could. The last couple of years we became closer than ever.

We enjoy spending time together, bouncing thoughts and ideas of each other. In 2020 we decided to work together professionally and thus “Two Tall Artists” were born.

Fun facts about the Two Tall Artists:

• Both have the same surname. Willemien was born a “Barnard” and Sonja married one.
• Willemien likes to shop… Sonja hates it.
• They borrow each other’s clothes… (Sonja mostly borrows Willemien’s clothes, because of the hate for shopping already mentioned.)
• They are both tall and have ‘two tall dads’.
• Sonja remains taller though.
• They both love animals, and are supporters of adoption.
• Their families are very supportive of their passion and this adventure of building a business from scratch.
• They love nature and especially trees.
• Each one thinks the other one is better and more talented.
• Willemien likes frogs, insects, and all kinds of critters. Sonja will keep a distance, but will watch from a distance because of her condition called FOMO.
• Their collaborative paintings are signed “Sona-Miena”.
• Afrikaans is their home language.
• Willemien is 3 months older than Sonja. That is why she thinks she is the boss. Sonja allows this false illusion.
• Sonja talks a lot.
• Willemien gets into business mode and Sonja finds it a tad scary. She just keeps a distance and
silence. It blows over eventually.
• They enjoy each other’s company and have lots of fun while working (and playing).
• Sonja decides when something is finished or not, but lately Willemien is challenging that authority.
• They actually, really, finish each other’s sentences.
• Sometimes, they even say the exact same things at the exact same time. O course they find this extremely funny and laughs until they cry!