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You are visiting the website of the Two Tall Artists. They are starting small and growing tall by bringing art into your living space.


Most people have a longing to view beauty and the tranquility and awe that comes with that.

Art plays on emotions. It can make you feel at peace or lift your spirit. Through art, you can go to your happy place.

When it comes to art it is important that you don’t just like but love what you see. Beauty is in fact in the eye of the beholder.

Each person has their favourite colour or subject of preference.

You are unique and know what you like. You have the choice to bring art in whatever format into your life.

Only you have an idea of what you want in your living space and Two Tall Artist can help you acquire that. 

You can contact them and communicate your art needs and they will help you to the best of their ability to get you the painting, drawing or piece of art that you envision.

Pick the style or medium you like and commission them to create the art you want if it is not yet available.

Two Tall Artists were born out of a lifetime of friendship, passion, and a mutual love for art,  get-togethers and of course lots of mainly coffee. 

Sonja and Willemien met in High School where they had Art as one of their mutual subjects. 

After school, they took different artistic routes where Sonja studied Fine Arts and Willemien Graphic Design.

They often got together to paint or draw or just to dream. During the 2020 lockdown they decided to officially make their art available to the public.

They realised that working together is much more productive than trying to work alone and now they want to share what they love to do with you.

Both Sonja and Willemien likes to work in acrylic but also pen and ink. They are inspired by nature and like botanical themes, animals and landscapes. But they also like the involunteering fluidity of the process without planning when it comes to doodling or abstracts. 

While creating art they like to experiment with different mediums and surfaces. They will share their art on this platform with you.


You are visiting the website of the Two Tall Artists. They are starting small and

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